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What is a Kawasaki Meister?

Kawasaki City recognizes the city's top craftsmen as the city's top craftsmen, who are active engineers and technicians who demonstrate their extremely superior technology and outstanding skills to create "things" that support the development of industry and the lives of citizens.

We are certified as "Kawasaki Meister" and are engaged in activities to encourage, pass on, and train successors of excellent craftsmanship, and to promote economic development.

Kawasaki Meister is doing this kind of activity.

(1) Efforts for skill promotion, successor development, and human resource development
・Demonstrations and lectures at elementary and junior high schools, and technical guidance and lectures at high schools and vocational technical schools.
・Demonstrations, product exhibitions, and skill introductions will be held at various events such as citizen festivals and community festivals.
・Takumi's techniques are taught and taught in hands-on classes for citizens and seminars for young technicians.


(2) Efforts for economic promotion
・We will exhibit at workshops and business meetings to improve sales and profitability.
・As a group of first-class technical and skilled craftsmen, we will work on "manufacturing" unique to Kawasaki.
・We will disseminate information on the splendor of each Meister and the enjoyment of “manufacturing”.


*Kawasaki Meisters will be dispatched to schools and companies. For details, please contact the person in charge of the Kawasaki City staff below.


Certified as Kawasaki Meister in 2009.


■ Inquiry

・Kawasaki City Economic and Labor Bureau Labor and Employment Department Technology Encouragement Section
Phone: 044-200-2242 Fax: 044-200-3598


*Search by Kawasaki Meister
☆The latest information will be posted on the website.    

Kawasaki Meister Activity Gallery

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